Photos by Sara James 

For the Wild, the Adventurous, and  the Romantic



“Love is the food of life, Travel is dessert.”
Photos are the cherry on top, and yes I invented that last part :)


Hi, I'm Sara

Half Tunisian, Half American, I've loved photography since I was about 5 years-old - my room was legit covered with photos of my friends from corner to corner.

I've been to 40+ countries so far. So wherever it is that you are thinking about adventuring, I would love to hear from you. I've either been there or it's on my bucket list.


My dream is to one day live in a cabin, with my own horse, or maybe two, who is counting? 

And an airport nearby 'cause travel :)

Besides photography & travel, food is my other big passion in life. I could live off French Fries & Cake & Wine (aka grapes so technically a food)

And not to get too deep too fast, but my core values are: love is love, all body types and skin colors are beautiful, and the outdoors should be cherished and respected.

If all this sounds good, hit me up and let's be friends!!! 

xoxo, Sara

What is Eloping?

Eloping is making the day you say I DO all about you, and when I say you, I mean you as a couple, doing exactly what you want to do, without worrying about a rigid timeline or logistics for another hundred people: NO STRESS, NO DRAMA, NO EXPECTATIONS, JUST LOVE. 
Your elopement can be as adventurous as you want it to be. It can involve a sunrise hike, jumping off a plane, or it can be at sunset in your own backyard.
You can choose somewhere meaningful to your relationship or hop on a plane to discover a new continent together as your first day as husband and wife. Sky’s the limit! Pun intended :)
And if you have no clue what you want yet, that’s ok too. I planned our own all-day elopement in less than a month, so yeah, I am an expert. Joking, kind of ... I do love planning all my friend's vacations ...
So when you hire me, you get an all-inclusive package. You hire a photographer, but also a planner, a travel assistant, and a cake connoisseur 'cause remember I take cake super seriously and elopements deserve cake too, am I right?
or am I right?

All you need to start planning your dreamy and stress-free elopement below

What is Eloping? 

"We decided to elope at 5 am at the Griffith Park Observatory. Sara was all for it. She was there before us, scouting the location. She was all smiles at that time of the morning and 40 degrees weather. She made us smile. We didn't feel rushed at all. She was so patient and professional and she delivered our amazing sneak peeks in 3 days and delivered our package within three weeks, much faster than the contract said. Every single picture was beautiful. We always get so much compliments on our photos. Thank you Sara for capturing our day so beautifully."




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