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  • Sara James

The Gifted Equine: a horse rescue's story

Social Media is not my favorite, but from time to time, it allows me to meet wonderful people. Queue in The Gifted Equine: a horse rescue started by Haley, a horse lover based in Ohio, and now joined by Savanah based in Texas.

I saw one of their posts, asking for donations to help feed some rescues and I knew I wanted to find a way to help. So I reached out to offer a way to support them and met up with them in Fort Worth to photograph some rescues and learn more about their foundation.

I met Beau and Red on Savanah’s property, where they stay in quarantine for a minimum of 14 days, before hopefully being re-homed, and they were the sweetest despite still being in not so great shape. I also learned more about the heartbreak that these girls go thru during each auction, because they cannot save all the horses and how the stress of vet bills pilling up isn't always easy to deal with either. Feeding them is not cheap either, and most horses at the auctions are skin on bones and it takes weeks to get them back to a healthy weight.

So perhaps, it seems glamorous to have a non profit and yes it is rewarding, but it is also very hard and stressful. So if you have extra cash and love horses, please support this non profit and help them help horses and save them from slaughter. "Horses bound for slaughter may include pregnant mares, foals (baby horses) and horses who are injured or blind and the holding conditions in these environments are inhumane."

To learn more about the Gifted Equine's mission and how to help them save horses, follow this link: and feel free to share this blog post with friends and family, the horses and foundation can use all the help they can get.

You can also follow them on Instagram:

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