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Elopement Budget

Texas elopement photographer

The beauty of eloping is that your budget list is much shorter, therefore much less stressful and also much more flexible.


Instead of stretching your money trying to feed and entertain a couple of hundred guests, you just have to feed and entertain the two of you + maybe a handful of friends and family if you decide to have a few guests when eloping.


So here is your to do list when it comes to elopement expenses:

  • your rings + wedding attire + flowers

  • your travel expenses (flights, lodging, food, rental car)

  • your activities for the day (horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, helicopter ride ...)

  • if eloping in a national park, the permit, but don’t worry, it will always beat paying for a venue and having to decorate it and I will be happy to help you navigate the permit situation

  • your officiant

  • & your photographer: maybe me :) 


If kept simple & if you aren’t traveling too far from home, a beautiful elopement can be budgeted for roughly $ 5,000.


And if you wanted to travel far, remember you can make your elopement destination your honeymoon destination and only pay for one set of flights. Win Win -:)

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