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Why You Need a Photographer When Eloping

Texas elopement photographer

YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! Why would you not have a photographer is the real question?


It is the beginning of one of the greatest adventures of your life, the day you promise to love each other no matter what. So do you really want a selfie to be your only memory of one of the most important days of your life? I don’t think so.


Plus it’s very hard to take pictures while saying your vows, not that I have seen anyone try, but it seems like it would be pretty difficult.


I still remember how nervous I was walking down the “aisle” right before saying I do. The excitement, the anticipation, the happiness, all those emotions running through my brain, seeing him tear up and trying to keep it together.


 All those emotions should be captured and kept as beautiful memories in a pretty album, and all over your living room walls too. I know they are all over mine. And what better way than photos to share your memorable day with your beloved family and friends.


PS: something I didn’t do, but wish I did: handwritten vows on pretty paper or printed out vows on pretty paper ... Key point here,  your vows are important and shouldn't just be on your phone and a selfie doesn't count as a wedding photo. 

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