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Leave No Trace

Adventure elopement photographer

If you don't know what LNT stands for, it's ok, I didn't either.


I practiced it, but I didn't know it had a special name. I've just always been in awe of nature and respectful of that, making sure I always cleaned after myself when exploring a park or a beach or anywhere really, which is why Leaving No Trace is kind of a huge deal to me. I am that girl who will pick up garbage on a trail and get really annoyed when people trample over flowers for a good photo op. 


I truly believe nature is fragile, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. We are so lucky to have so many preserved national parks and state parks to adventure in - thanks Papa John Muir, so if we want to enjoy them, we should also respect them.

Does it mean I will make you pick up trash? Nope! But here is what it means when it comes to any adventure booked with me: 

  • we will not savagely trample over flowers or plants or meadows

  • we will follow signs to stay on trails and or on durable surfaces so we are not harming the environment

  • we will respect wildlife and keep our distance - this is really more for your safety than the bear, but you get what I mean, we will respect that we are in their habitat and that we are just lucky visitors 

  • we will leave what we find 

  • we will dispose of waste properly 

  • we will have a ton of fun along the way !!!  & leave knowing we didn't disturb nature and did our part for the future generations - we all want our kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy these parks, right? Plus, you might want to come back to the same location in 10 years for a vow renewal! Would be a shame if you couldn't because the park had to shut down, am I right? 

 And this why I am 

And why I choose to donate 5% of any booked packages to the LNT organization

If all of the above sounds good and hiring a photographer who cares about the outdoors aligns with your love for nature and your values, 

Let's get started planning your Adventure! 


Leave no Trace photographer
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