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Why You Should Stick to Eloping if it Feels Right

Adventure Elopement photographer

I thought about making a list of reasons to elope and what eloping meant when I first started writing this little blurb, but as I sat in front of my computer and thought about why my husband and I eloped, I realized everyone’s reasons and visions were probably super different and the only reason that really mattered was being madly in love. So if you are madly in love, keep reading.


For my hubby and I, eloping meant being spontaneous -we said I do a month after he proposed on a road trip from New York to Cali. It also meant being relaxed and stress-free all day long, with no set schedule, hopping from waterfall to waterfall, stopping whenever we saw a pretty lookout point and even changing into swimsuits after lunch to take a dip into a lake. 


It meant being surrounded by beautiful landscape all day long -seriously the Grand Tetons are so beautiful; and ending the day with a picnic while overlooking the Yellowstone Falls and watching the sunset. It also meant uncensored intimate vows, with just mountains as our witnesses. 


We weren’t escaping our friends or families, we didn’t do it to save money, we did it because it fit our personalities, because we wanted a more intimate experience ... I am not sure I can even explain it with words.



So if eloping feels right for you too, ELOPE.


 Your elopement can be as adventurous as you want it to be, or as low key as you want it to be.



You can choose a small town no one has ever heard of it or a world renowned famous destination. You can choose somewhere meaningful to a moment in your relationship or hop on a plane to discover a new continent together as husband and wife. Sky’s the limit!


And you can even choose to elope where you want to honeymoon and make it a package deal.


And yes you might get some pushback from friends and family, and many might say you will regret it, but I for sure didn't nor did my husband, and our experience is what inspired me to specialize in Elopements.  

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