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What to Wear When Eloping

Elopement Photographer

First off, Ladies, eloping doesn’t mean you have to forego the fun of trying on wedding dresses with your besties. I certainly had a blast trying on wedding dresses with my girlfriends in NYC, and drinking the free champagne. And I loooooove my wedding dress.


However, you definitely have more options to wear whatever you want ... You can buy a full on wedding dress if that’s your vision, or you can buy a beautiful colorful dress that matches your personality more than a typical white wedding dress. It’s all up to you. Either choice will look incredible.


And if your dream has always been to have a long train, go for it and don’t worry, you can still hike with a train. It might add some character to the bottom of your dress. Same goes for the veil. You can have a veil when eloping. Eloping isn't less than a "wedding." 


If a dress isn’t your thing, jumpsuits and tuxedos are also beautiful. And if neither a jumpsuit or a dress sound good, that’s also completely ok. When eloping, there is nobody there to tell you “this is not proper wedding attire.” You do You. 


Gentlemen, you also get to do YOU on your special day. If you’ve always dreaded wearing a tuxedo, well you don’t have to. Wear a suit, don’t wear a suit, roll up your pants up, roll up your sleeves up. Again no rule to follow. 

Now for shoes: also a free for all. You can be barefoot, you can wear cowboy boots, you can wear dress shoes. There is also no rule, only being comfortable and safe. So if hiking is going to be part of your elopement, hiking shoes are a must. And if you want to switch to your uber fancy designer shoes for pictures once we get to our destination, just pack them in your backpack. Or pack you favorite Converses/ Vans ... they happen to be very photogenic too.

If you have any other questions about elopement attire, email me, text me, FaceTime me :) I am happy to help.

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