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How to Break The News to Family and Friends

Texas elopement photographer

Even though who you get married to and how you get married is your business and your business only ... From my experience, friends and family, and yes strangers too, will want to share their advice, whether you ask for it or not.


But here is some reassurance: only listen to that little voice in your head that is saying “THIS IS OUR DAY ....” And if that means including your bff’s or your parents or both or neither, it’s completely OK. Eloping doesn't have an exact definition. That's the beauty of it. 


So what does eloping mean? It means not doing the traditional 150+ guests at a venue with a strict stressful timeline and all the others bells and whistles. It means an intimate experience, a stress-free day and a flexible timeline that can be adjusted to whatever you want it to be. It means an ADVENTURE tailored to you for you and only you. No compromise. 


And trust me, eloping is the only way to accomplish that. 

Sadly, so many people fall into the trap of family pressure and end up having a wedding even though it’s not what they wanted in the first place. Don’t let that be you. Only take into consideration what you and your partner want ... If it's a big party, go for it! A lot of my good friends are talented wedding photographers and I am happy to give you a recommendation if you need one.


But if it’s an intimate relaxed wedding day you are looking for. Don’t give up on your dream and ELOPE. Don’t worry about anything else. Keep the focus on the two of you.


As for when to tell your friends and family -tell them when you are ready. It can be before the fact, it can be right after the fact, it can be a year later ... there is really no rule.


I’ve had couples FaceTime their parents right after saying I DO and their parents were ecstatic for them. I’ve had couples use their elopement photos to announce it after the fact. Some couples elope and have party later to announce it. 


Personally, I did a mix of both ... My closest friends knew the day of and I even updated them the morning of, sending them a selfie of me in my bathrobe with twist foam hair rollers. Other people didn’t know until a year later when I officially changed my Facebook status ... So basically it’s all up to you and how you feel.

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