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Jennifer and Chris and Munch in Seattle

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Hiking shoes and/or barefoot are my favorite states of being, so when I met Munch, let's just say she is my dream client. Wearing a cute beach dress, climbing trees and twirling without me even asking her to, she was basically the perfect 6 year-old. And so sweet!!

Adventure Family Photoshoot

This entire family session was really fun and relaxed. I always get extra excited when the parents are chill and let the kids be, because trying to pose kids for an hour is just not fun for anyone involved, especially not the kids. But lettings the kids be and doing very little posing leads to these cute photos, a lot of candids, a lot of smiles, a lot of cuteness overload.

It also allows me to have some fun with the parents on the sidelines while the kiddos are busy playing. Yes we are parents, but we are also still a couple and it's nice to have a few shots sans kids. Wether for a cute Valentine's Day photo collage or to print on a mug.

So next time you are thinking of booking family photos, always think of "what is a good spot where kids can have fun and where the whole family can relax and just be without it feeling like a stuffy photoshoot?" or ask me: I love location scouting and I have a long list of suggestions, not just for Texas, but also California, New York, South Dakota, Florida, Tunisia and the list goes on because I have the travel bug :)

Family photoshoot adventure

Daddy  Daughter Photoshoot

Mother Daughter  Photoshoot

I mean, how cute are they?

And then to top the cuteness, Seattle graced us all with a beautiful sunset at the end of the shoot, so of course as any other photographer who says "One Last One" ten times before it being true, I had to continue to shoot !!

Couple Photoshoot Sunset

Couple Photoshoot Sunset

Sunset Photography Adventure

Thank you Seattle, and thank you Jenn for trusting me with your family photos and your parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. I had a blast and cannot wait to meet at a national park next time :)

Sunset Couple Photography

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