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Michigan Maternity Fall Photoshoot

Fall is kind of my favorite season. I said kind of because I also love seeing all the flowers bloom in Spring, and the beach in Summer is so fun and I also love snow and snowboarding. But for pictures purpose Fall and Spring is probably people’s favorite, not too cold, not too hot and the gorgeous orange leaves and/or pretty flowers are a nice added bonus.

So when Megan’s due date was end of November, I was really excited about her Fall Maternity pictures. And Michigan Fall foliage didn’t disappoint.

First series is in their own backyard. How GORGEOUS??

I also love that Megan and Jason didn’t shy away from being themselves. Not every picture has to be that perfect looking into each other’s soul photos. Be silly, be serious, be you, these are your photos.

Second series was in a local park right next to their home. It was so pretty and Megan was a trooper even as the temperatures lowered a bit.

And these pictures of them on the bench were her idea and I am Obsessed! Not every photo needs to be about the baby bump. I loved captured this moment for them, a moment to take a breath, sit down and relax before the parenting adventure begins!

I am Especially Obsessed with this black and white version:

So never be afraid to suggest a pose or a location, or an idea. I am always happy to suggest all of the above, but I am very happy following some of my client’s leads and having fun together.

How did you like your last photoshoot? What are things you liked versus didn’t like?

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