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Baby Hasku's Maternity Session at the Horse Barn

When Charlotte said she wanted to include Annie, her horse, for her maternity photos, I probably squealed with excitement as if I was the one that was going to be in the photos.

See, I LOOOOOOOOVE HORSES. Would live in a horse farm without even thinking twice about it if someone offered me a barn in the next hour. I wouldn't worry about the details - I know probably not the smartest - but horses have my heart since I was 5 years-old. And giving up riding when pregnant was probably the hardest, even harder than giving up sushi and cocktails :)

Anyhow, back to Charlotte, Lend and baby Madison: Charlotte described her vision as country chic, and I think the photos delivered. But I will let you be the final judge of that.

Then we took it up another notch, and went extra country chic, with Charlotte braving the colder weather to wear a beautiful red dress. Not for too long though, because getting sick for photos is never worth it and the Connecticut temperatures dropped pretty drastically when the sun went down.

My only regret: not having a similar photo of myself while pregnant with Chiara:) thankfully I am making up for it averaging about 50 photos per our weekly barn visit and I think it is safe to say that my horse addiction has been genetically passed down to her :)

In conclusion, if you are a horse person and are wanting photos, I am your girl, one hundred percent! I breath and love horses.

And don't freeze for photos, just layer up. I took maternity photos in the snow while wearing a dress, it's possible to do it safely, but you just need to have the right layers.

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