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Tasha's Family at Arbor Hills

When friends contract me for photos, my first thought is EXCITEMENT ... followed by deep anxiety, followed by more excitement, mixed with fear that they will hate their photos and disown me as a friend after I deliver their gallery, mixed with 'they are only booking me because they feel they have to." Basically it's a rollercoaster of emotions, but mainly excitement and gratefulness that my friends trust me to create memories for them.

So to all my friends reading this, thank you so much for choosing me, yes I get a lil stressed out, but I am mainly happy. And your support means the world to me.

Tasha and I met in Dallas at a random neighborhood girl's night out, and as soon as she told me she was building a pool, I obviously decided we would have to be friends given how brutal summer is in Texas, and by summer I mean May to October. Just kidding, it wasn't the pool, it was the challenge. She said "I don't really have room for more friends right now." Well I made her make room and now she is stuck with me.

Tasha has three kids: two beautiful daughters and one handsome son, and I love that she coordinated all of their outfits. Outfits don't have to be complicated or super elaborate, but they do matter. You do not have to necessarily match colors, even though it works perfectly for the above trio, but I recommend at least staying in the same family of color, or sticking to neutrals and definitely avoiding prints and symbols to have harmonious photos.

Also make sure you find yourself a husband who smiles for photos too :)

Last, but not least, if you like the outdoors, but don't feel like driving far from Dallas or hiking a lot for your photos, Arbor Hills is an awesome location wether for family photos, or couple photos, or solo portraits. Or just for a fun little hike too :)

Thanks again for trusting me Tasha and family

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1 Comment

Sep 30, 2022

Sara, you are the best. This was the best photo experience my family has had to date. I wasn’t feeling so well that day, my girls were being extremely sassy, my son didn’t want to get his Jordans dusty in the forest and my husband was just thinking about the cowboy game! Lol! Sara with your professional behavior and expertise of positioning along with your calm manner made this experience enjoyable through all of our issues. I love you and your beautiful artistic eye. Thank you so much for your creative ideas and calm nature. ❤️❤️❤️

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