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Updated: May 2, 2023

The first time I photographed this adorable little girl she was still in the womb, carried by her sweet surrogate, yet she already had a better wardrobe than mine.

Adorable Baby Girl Dallas Arboretum

A year later, nothing changed at all :) besides her looking extra ADORABLE, she still has a better wardrobe. That's one of the advantage of having two stylish dads.

Gay dads Photography

All three braved the crazy 100 degree weather to celebrate Elena's first birthday and cake smash, and they looked fabulous doing it. You cannot even see the sweat dripping, but we definitely had the AC blasting in our cars as soon as the session was done!! Totally worth it though, don't you think? Check out her crown and her vintage car :)

This was her first outfit, a beautiful custom dress by Olive & Elvie.

This was outfit number 2, SO PRECIOUS!

And finally the cake smash!

Thanks again for trusting me Erik and Corey to capture this milestone, and thanks Elena for cooperating so well throughout the heat.

Remember to always pack your child's favorite snack for photos. Animal Crackers is what got us the most smiles for this session:) And a fun toy to ride or play with. The vintage car got us a lot of smiles too!

What is your favorite snack?

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