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Cora turns 2!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

When Holly reached out about birthday photos for Cora's second birthday, all she had to say was "I have 3 outfits, is that too much?" for me to be completely onboard.

We don't have a dog because my husband is highly allergic. But I grew up with dogs and horses, so I love animals and when I owned my horse, I loved dressing him up to match me:) So yes cute animal outfits are awesome and pet birthday celebrations should be completely normalized. 'cause how cute is Cora???

When Holly adopted Cora, they said she might not even make it to living until she was one year-old. But here she is: 2 years-old and HAPPY!!

Outfit #1

Totally worth celebrating, Right?

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Birthday Suit :)

Favorite Mom, Favorite Toy, and Favorite Siblings

Thanks again Tommy and Holly for trusting me with your precious fur babies.

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