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POSIE and her COOL Parents

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Meeting a photographer can be intimidating for clients, just like meeting new clients can be intimidating for photographers, and this is why I like using a questionnaire for my clients to complete before a shoot, kind of a way to get to know each other a little more, and make sure I understand their vision for the photos.

Adventure Dallas Couple Photoshoot

When I sent the questionnaire to this sweet couple for their family photos, it was evident that location and accessories were not the priority, Stephanie cared about capturing love. That's all!

So even though there are a lot of state parks in Texas that have incredible scenery and fun hiking, and Stepanie and her hubby love hiking, that wasn't exactly the point of this shoot. It was just about being outdoors and capturing their growing family. So instead of driving 4 hours away, we met at this beautiful preserve in Garland 20 min from their house and had a super chill afternoon, laughing and taking photos. Photos below were the warm up to the cute fancy outfits Stephanie handpicked.

And VOILA the fancy outfits. Yes you can be stylish outdoors!! And you don't have to wear neutral colors if you don't want to :) I do send a free guide out, if a client wants direction when it comes to what to wear and how to style a photo session, but that's all it is, a guide, not directions to follow. If bold colors is what you like to wear, BRING IT ON !!

Then for their "casual outfit", the whole family still looked super cute and stylish. I was half expecting jeans or leggings, but instead it was a tutu, a pretty dress, and cool sunglasses and I was all for it!! Wear what you want to wear. Don't feel the need to follow trends or Pinterest!

Adventure Dallas 1 Year-Old Photoshoot

Adventure Dallas Family Photoshoot

Thanks again for trusting me Ullah Family!! Cannot wait to road trip for the next shoot!!!

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