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Sunset Family Adventure

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When I remember my family photos, well let's say my brother didn't want to be there, my mom was frustrated with his attitude and the rest of us patiently waited around for it to be over. That's not how I want you to remember your family photos :) and that's why I always recommend making it a fun time.

If your kiddos love the beach, let's go to the beach. If they like being around the water but not the sand, let's find a lake. If they like the outdoors, let's go for a little hike, you get my drift ...The more fun everyone is having, the better the photos will be.

Plus, while the kiddos are bewildered by the beautiful scenery, or just playing in the sand - most likely from my experience with my daughter :) I get to snap a few photos of them just having fun and not really paying attention to me.

And while the kiddos are entertaining themselves making sandcastles I get to snap some of the parents sans kids. That way it's family photos + couple photos as a bonus.

And if we are all lucky like we were at this family shoot in Seattle, we get to witness a beautiful sunset to end the day.

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