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Souad + Ouajdi's Beach Wedding

When Souad and Ouajdi told me their wedding entrance was to arrive by boat parasailing, I screamed!!! Yep, I was THAT excited!! You would have thought it was my wedding and I was the one parasailing :) I couldn't wait to see it happen!!

And yes that's them, parasailing into their wedding reception.

How Cool, Right?

And also how pretty is her outfit?

You can have a traditional wedding for your parents, and have a non traditional beach party later on. If time and budget allows for both, you don't necessarily have to choose. And if your budget doesn't allow for both, then you can try to combine a little bit of both the same day.

And if camels happen to stroll by during pictures, why not include them?

And if you don't want to wear white, you don't have to either, you can wear GREEN :) or any color you wish. And you can make all your guests wear white, so you still stand out.

PS: if you are wondering where this beautiful beach is located, it's a tiny little island called Djerba, in Tunisia, North Africa. A perfect destination wedding location, don't you think? I am biased,'cause it is where I am from, but it sure is pretty.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Tunisia

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