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Erik & Jenn's Rock Climbing Elopement

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

When Jenn & Erik reached out to me about being their photographer, I was so excited because I already knew their elopement would be full of adventure and probably include some rock climbing.

I am not saying you need to rock climb on your wedding day for me to photograph your elopement, but I get excited when couples incorporate activities that truly represent them and their passions, wether it be rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, jumping into a waterfall, paddle-boarding etc ... and I knew rock climbing was Erik & Jenn's thing.

Erik and Jenn are also runners and nature lovers and it was really fun helping them plan their elopement. They had already picked their location, a beautiful park in California with rock formations, awesome climbing boulders and Mount Whitney in the background. They had rock climbed and camped here multiple times before, so it had a special meaning for them.

Movie Road is where we planned for their first look and it was truly incredible and intimate. It was sunrise and Erik & Jenn had the whole place to themselves.

Then they joined their friends and some family members for some coffee, some mimosas and some breakfast bites and continued on their adventure by rock climbing Shark Fin. Some friends rock climbed as well and others cheered them on, so yes you can include a handful of friends and family as long as they are supportive of your adventurous elopement and don't try to convince you that you should change your plans to accommodate them.

Erik & Jenn ended the day by saying I do at sunset, sharing a beautifully choreographed dance and sitting around a campfire gazing at the stars. Sounds like a dream, right?

THE END :) or more like the beginning of Jenn & Erik as wife and husband

and forever adventure partners.

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