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Lisa & Derek's Montauk Adventure

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When I mentioned Montauk to Lisa for her and her fiancé’s engagement session, she didn’t even ask how far it was from New York City. She just said YES! Ready for adventure!! 

We drove together from the city to Montauk, and honestly the 3 hour drive seemed less than an hour. We were so busy talking about their super cute love story. How they met, how they lived on separate coast, but still became close friends, and how Derek volunteered to road trip with Lisa to help her move back to NYC out of the kindness of his heart … or maybe he had ulterior motives ... 

Fast forward a few years and Derek executed a perfect proposal, she said yes and I got to be the lucky photographer capturing this milestone for them. And even though it was super windy in Montauk the day of their session, and it even rained a little, nothing could stop these two from having a blast and celebrating their love! 

And now that they are married, Lisa being the adventurous spirit that she is, is on a mission to wear her wedding dress all over the world and I can’t wait to capture some memories for her and her hubby in the city of love very soon!! Who else wants to take their wedding dress for a world tour? 

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