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Maria and Sean in Paris

Updated: May 2, 2023

I bet this isn't what you expected when you read Paris in the title :) this is Paris, Texas, not Paris, France. And this is Maria and Sean at their beautiful home in Paris.

Couple photoshoot in Paris, Texas

Maria and Sean are lucky to live in the country, surrounded by nature and horses. Yes my dream life basically.

Maria is also a photographer, which can sometimes be a little intimidating. But we had so much fun and they let me get creative with their Jeep after the sun went down, which was really cool.

I also got to snap a few portraits of Maria in her second outfit right before the sun went completely down, and there are some of my favorite portraits to this day, and not just because they include my favorite animal :) but because she is so gorgeous and such a sweet soul.

Horse  photoshoot in Paris, Texas

Horse photoshoot Texas

Thanks again Maria and Sean for allowing me to capture some memories for you and ride your horses too :) Best ending to a shoot EVER!

PS: you don't have to let me ride your horse when you book me for a shoot, but you do have to allow me to love on him/her

PS2: I will be wearing riding pants just in case :)

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