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Texas Notebook Moment at Tyler State Park

Sometimes you just envision something in your mind and want to create it. I envisioned a Notebook Moment at this beautiful state park in Tyler, and lucky for me, a friend and her husband obliged :)

I had been to this park a few times since I have moved to Dallas, and I really fell in love with it. Wether for a relaxing hike around the lake, or a dip in the lake, or just a picnic, the two hour drive from Dallas is totally worth it for me, and it definitely feels like another world, don't you think?

And don't worry if you got seasick just looking at the above photos, or if a canoe and rowing isn't your vision of a relaxing photoshoot (it does take some arm strength), the park is full of beautiful scenery you can walk thru while staying nice and dry on land :)

Thanks again Brian and Conan for modeling for me. Your love shines thru the photos. And your kiddo was the most fun assistant ever :) He was not in the mood for photos, but he was super fun to hang out with and helped carry the blanket and pillows and some of my lenses too.

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