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A lake, a cowboy hat, a beautiful sunset ... Does it get any more Texas than this? :)

Before any kind of shoot, I like to send off suggestions. Like what to wear, or what to bring to make the pictures feel more like a date, best time to shoot, depending on the photos we are trying to achieve etc ... It does not mean in any way shape or form that you have to follow my suggestions, nor will I be offended by you saying props isn't your thing, or neutral colors isn't your vibe.

I really do believe your photos should be a true reflection of who you are. So if vibrant colors is what you are all about, BRING IT ON!!! Sometimes though, clients, especially new clients, want advice and guidance and I always love to help out. Kalee & Heath did not really have ideas for their engagement photos. So I helped them out and this was the result. A cheese board and bubbles picnic lake for their first look.

Followed by some pictures including their dog, because that was really important to them.

And then we ended the shoot with a second more relaxed outfit for both of them and I did much less posing and really let them be playful and enjoy sunset without intruding too much, besides the photo were they are laying down on the deck :) Definitely made them pose for that one!


We ended the day with a glorious sunset, and truly Texas sunsets have been pretty spectaculr.

Pro Tip: if your other half doesn't love photos and/or outfits changes, layering is always a good option to make the transition more seamless, wether changing hats, shirts, cardigans, shoes, layering a flannel or jacket, there are ways to get creative and having two looks without making it too cumbersome. Heath only changed his shirt and his hat for the second part of the shoot, so it was a pretty easy transition for him and kept him in a good mood, or maybe it was the bubbles.

Either way, it worked out!

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