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Nicole & Matt's Engagement at White Rock Lake

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Getting engaged is really a special moment, a moment you want to remember. Yes getting married is when you officially say I do, but getting engaged is when you are on cloud nine, you aren't thinking about guests lists and logistics yet, you are just thinking "WE LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH and WANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER" and that's so EXCITING!!!! And should be celebrated and remembered as the special time it is. And what better than photos to remember?

Matt proposed on Christmas with Nicole's family in attendance, and we took their photos a few weeks later. Dallas weather cooperated, so we were able to be outdoors and hit two locations.

We started at the Dallas Arboretum, which I love shooting at. Not usually on the weekends though, because it gets very busy, and who wants to wait in line to take pictures? That's why I try to always give clients the best advice when it comes to when and where to go for photos and have a ton of location recommendations. These pictures were taken on a weekday, about 45 min before closing time, when the arboretum is least busy. Thanks for trusting me Nicole and Matt!

We then moved on to our next location, White Rock Lake, a quick 15 min drive. We got there right in time for the famous golden hour, that moment before sunset, where there is still enough light to have beautiful photos, but the sun isn't harsh either.

We had the whole place to ourselves, which is always nice, especially when I am asking couples to kiss and show PDA :) right? But don't worry, I will make sure I don't ask you to do anything that you aren't comfortable with, and if I mistakenly do, your safe word is "NEXT" and I will get the memo and move on to the next prompt or pose.

So how exactly do I pose and prompt?

Every session is different. Some couples come to me and ask to be posed and prompted a lot. They aren't comfortable with cameras, and need a little extra help to loosen up or know what to do with their hands etc ... Others want candid moments only. In my experience, most people are somewhere in the middle. I usually will pose you for some, and have some silly prompts to create some candid moments if they don't happen organically. Basically, don't worry about it, I will. That's what I am here for :) For you to have a good time and for me to capture it,

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