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Brendan & Larissa' Beach Adventure

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Ever been said no to go on a date?

Brendan not only had to ask Laryssa twice to go on a date, he also had to propose twice, because the first time around she didn’t really grasp what he was asking, language barrier and all. Meant to be or what?

Originally from Brazil, English wasn’t Laryssa’s first language, so the first time Brendan asked her out, she said no, but not on purpose -:) Thankfully, he was persistent and asked again a few months later and this time she said yes.

They shared their first kiss on a windy nigh at the beach, so it only made sense that the day they chose for their adventure session in Laguna was windy and rainy. But it didn’t stop these two from having a ton of fun and embracing the elements like champions and basically, they were more worried about my camera than I was.

It was my first time shooting in so much rain and I will admit I was a little worried too, but not about my camera, just about how their pictures would turn out, but they loved them so Rain or Shine, we will shoot. And now i have a super cool umbrella for future clients and a rain cover for my camera -:)

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