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Elopement Checklist
1 Month Out



Here is your one month out elopement checklist!  

Less than a month to go friends!!  


Below is your one month out Checklist to keep you extra organized for your upcoming elopement and to avoid forgetting anything behind.

Have fun going down this list and marking off everything you have already accomplished and as usual, if you have any questions, email me or text me if it's a quick question and you need a quick answer :) 



  • Venue Booked and Confirmed 

  • Accommodations Booked and Confirmed (for you and guests if any) 

  • Marriage License + all paperwork needed if any 

  • Officiant and witnesses Confirmed + ceremony script 

  • Rings bought and packed + any other jewelry 

  • Wedding attire fitted and clean + undergarments + wedding shoes + mini sewing kit 

  • Floral Bouquet

  • Hair and Make up figured out (hair and make up person booked or makeup and hair accessories purchased) + handheld mirror for the day of 

  • Vow booklets purchased and vows written 

  • Gear for your adventures and activities (hiking  boots, snowshoeing, tent, extra blankets, extra socks, jackets, hand warmers, beanies, water bottle, backpack, headlight, flashlight, first aid kit, sunscreen etc ...) - I suggest making your own personal list so you have everything you need and I highly suggest rain gear (ponchos and umbrellas) no mater what the weather forecast 

  • Ceremony Decor: make a list and start putting it all in one space if possible : arch, rug or blanket to sit or stand. dried flowers, greenery, drapes .... 

  • Food and beverage: remember to delegate and make a list of what can be purchased ahead of time and what needs to be purchased closer to the date 

  • I know cake is considered food, but I decided it would have it's own little line :) Whatever sweet you decided on, make sure it's been ordered at this point or have a reminder to order it when you have to and have a plan of how it will be set up and any decor for it

  • Music playlist confirmed + 2 Bluetooth speakers  

  • Wedding favors for guests / Wedding gift for partner if any 

  • Confirm all vendors (consider me confirmed ) and finalize any necessary payment

  • ​Double Check your elopement timeline and let me know if we need to make any changes 

  I will check in again a week before your elopement to do a quick recap with you guys and address any last minute questions. 

xoxo, Sara
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