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  • Sara James

Sometimes you just envision something in your mind and want to create it. I envisioned a Notebook Moment at this beautiful state park in Tyler, and lucky for me, a friend and her husband obliged :)

I had been to this park a few times since I have moved to Dallas, and I really fell in love with it. Wether for a relaxing hike around the lake, or a dip in the lake, or just a picnic, the two hour drive from Dallas is totally worth it for me, and it definitely feels like another world, don't you think?

And don't worry if you got seasick just looking at the above photos, or if a canoe and rowing isn't your vision of a relaxing photoshoot (it does take some arm strength), the park is full of beautiful scenery you can walk thru while staying nice and dry on land :)

Thanks again Brian and Conan for modeling for me. Your love shines thru the photos. And your kiddo was the most fun assistant ever :) He was not in the mood for photos, but he was super fun to hang out with and helped carry the blanket and pillows and some of my lenses too.

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  • Sara James

When Souad and Ouajdi told me their wedding entrance was to arrive by boat parasailing, I screamed!!! Yep, I was THAT excited!! You would have thought it was my wedding and I was the one parasailing :) I couldn't wait to see it happen!!

And yes that's them, parasailing into their wedding reception.

How Cool, Right?

And also how pretty is her outfit?

You can have a traditional wedding for your parents, and have a non traditional beach party later on. If time and budget allows for both, you don't necessarily have to choose. And if your budget doesn't allow for both, then you can try to combine a little bit of both the same day.

And if camels happen to stroll by during pictures, why not include them?

And if you don't want to wear white, you don't have to either, you can wear GREEN :) or any color you wish. And you can make all your guests wear white, so you still stand out.

PS: if you are wondering where this beautiful beach is located, it's a tiny little island called Djerba, in Tunisia, North Africa. A perfect destination wedding location, don't you think? I am biased,'cause it is where I am from, but it sure is pretty.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Tunisia

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  • Sara James

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When I remember my family photos, well let's say my brother didn't want to be there, my mom was frustrated with his attitude and the rest of us patiently waited around for it to be over. That's not how I want you to remember your family photos :) and that's why I always recommend making it a fun time.

If your kiddos love the beach, let's go to the beach. If they like being around the water but not the sand, let's find a lake. If they like the outdoors, let's go for a little hike, you get my drift ...The more fun everyone is having, the better the photos will be.

Plus, while the kiddos are bewildered by the beautiful scenery, or just playing in the sand - most likely from my experience with my daughter :) I get to snap a few photos of them just having fun and not really paying attention to me.

And while the kiddos are entertaining themselves making sandcastles I get to snap some of the parents sans kids. That way it's family photos + couple photos as a bonus.

And if we are all lucky like we were at this family shoot in Seattle, we get to witness a beautiful sunset to end the day.

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