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  • Sara James

When Dylan and Mandi said they were expecting, I was so excited for them and couldn't wait to take their beautiful maternity photos. I sent Mandi some styling guide, like I do with every client, but she didn't need them. She already had 3 looks planned out with different dresses, different shoes, different jewelry, she was ready.

She also knew where she wanted the pictures taken, all I did was google map the locations to make sure the loop we did made sense and make sure our timing to catch sunset at the beach worked out. And it did.

We started with the iconic Wrigley building and Chicago's skyline.

Then we continued to beautiful Lincoln Park, and Mandi's dress by total coincidence matched the flowers, which made my photographer's heart extra happy.

We ended the day watching the sun set from the North Avenue Beach Pier and it was the perfect ending to my Chicago guided tour ...

I mean Baby K's photoshoot :) Or was it George's photoshoot? :)


Congratulations again friends on your beautiful baby girl!!

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When Charlotte said she wanted to include Annie, her horse, for her maternity photos, I probably squealed with excitement as if I was the one that was going to be in the photos.

See, I LOOOOOOOOVE HORSES. Would live in a horse farm without even thinking twice about it if someone offered me a barn in the next hour. I wouldn't worry about the details - I know probably not the smartest - but horses have my heart since I was 5 years-old. And giving up riding when pregnant was probably the hardest, even harder than giving up sushi and cocktails :)

Anyhow, back to Charlotte, Lend and baby Madison: Charlotte described her vision as country chic, and I think the photos delivered. But I will let you be the final judge of that.

Then we took it up another notch, and went extra country chic, with Charlotte braving the colder weather to wear a beautiful red dress. Not for too long though, because getting sick for photos is never worth it and the Connecticut temperatures dropped pretty drastically when the sun went down.

My only regret: not having a similar photo of myself while pregnant with Chiara:) thankfully I am making up for it averaging about 50 photos per our weekly barn visit and I think it is safe to say that my horse addiction has been genetically passed down to her :)

In conclusion, if you are a horse person and are wanting photos, I am your girl, one hundred percent! I breath and love horses.

And don't freeze for photos, just layer up. I took maternity photos in the snow while wearing a dress, it's possible to do it safely, but you just need to have the right layers.

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  • Sara James

When Tiana and I first started out planning these family photos, she was mom to two adorable twin boys. By the time these photos happened, she was mom to three boys, and no I am not counting her husband :)

In between my pregnancy, her pregnancy, moving from California toTexas, Covid, let's say it took a lot of juggling and a lot of patience to make these photos happen, but we made it happen and the views at this Carlsbad Beach were so worth the wait.

Of course in true toddler fashion, the kiddos weren't exactly jumping for joy at the thought of sitting down for photos ... so guess what? We didn't do a lot of sitting. We mainly had fun, running around, splashing in the water, playing with the sand etc .... and even though looking at the camera wasn't their favorite activity, they were so sweet to me and it was a blast watching them have so much fun.

In conclusion, as I said before, if you are a go with the flow kind of person and want your family photographed in the most natural way possible, pick a location that your kiddos can have fun in, have extra snacks, and go with the flow. Also I'm your girl, I love candid with a lil mix of posing.

And yes I will always trying get some photos with no kiddos, but sometimes the kiddos are faster than my shutter:)

PS: Tianna also designed my website :) so if you are reading this and needing a website designer, reach out to her, she is talented, creative and patient

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