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Elopement Checklist


Here is your elopement checklist!  

Hope this email finds you well, maybe even adventuring somewhere really cool. 


Below you will find a Checklist to keep you on track for your upcoming elopement. Some steps I know you have already done because we talked about it, but isn’t it nice crossing things off a list? like physically reading them and saying “DONE!” 


So I would love if you went down this list and next to each item that has been taken care of, write DONE ✅ and if you have any questions or need advice about an item, write your question next to it.


I will be looking forward to your email and will send another checklist. 



1) Decide to get married ! YAY!

2) Brainstorm your elopement ( a rough draft will suffice and 3 months out we will get into the details for this one) 

3) Settle on a season/ or a specific date 


4) Choose a location 


5) Check for permit for location 

6) Find a Photographer in the are or that will travel to you, but mainly who fits with your vision ( obviously if you are getting this list from me, you are all set :)  but isn’t nice to cross stuff of your list?) 

7) Create a budget 

8) Decide if you are having any guest and invite them 

9) Book Travel & Accommodations and if you have any guests, make sure they do to, so the week prior, you aren’t getting frantic phone calls of friends saying they have nowhere to sleep. 

10) Choose and purchase the rings - I recommend doing it early to ensure the right size and fit (I talk from experience - my husband lost his ring 1 day after we eloped because we bought them last minute and his ring was too big) 


11) Purchase Outfits with enough time to try and make any changes necessary.  Wether it is blue jeans and boots, full train dresses, or a rainbow jumpsuit, I am happy to help with any questions. My biggest tip: get something that is easy to move in. Also, Buy wedding shoes that are easy to move in and that are weather appropriate (cold feet, ouch/) 

So If your destination of choice is in the mountains, you might want boots. If you’re opting for a beach celebration, you will want a comfortable pair of sandals. You can always pack you 10 inch heels to bring with for photos but hiking in 10 inch heels won’t get you very far.


12) Hair & Make-Up, wether you are booking someone or not, I still recommend a trial run with your wedding attire if possible to be sure the result you are imagining in your head is possible and ensure you have all necessary makeup and accessories

13) Vows, you don’t have to have them written, but starting to think about them. I recommend purchasing special vow booklets and doing it early, especially if you want a unique design

14) Officiant, You can bring your own minister, or you can have a friend ordained. It is a great way to include family or friends to be part of the ceremony. It is also cheaper. But I highly recommend asking whoever is getting ordained to do it early and show you proof that they are indeed legally authorized to perform the ceremony. (people sometimes forget and then it is too late) /Also determine if you need witnesses and how many. 

15) Marriage License, Make sure to get your marriage license within the specified window of time for your wedding location ( don’t assume all states are the same, they aren’t) and collect all other legal documents you might need. 

16) Flowers, You can either order from a local florist (I am happy to help find vendors and recommend starting early because florists do book out pretty fast for certain dates) or you can DYI. Keep in mind dried flowers can also be absolutely beautiful. Also keep in mind Leaving No Trace: some parks don’t allow outside flowers who aren’t part of their eco system. And remember no flower picking :) 

17) Sweets: wether it is a cake, cupcakes, cookies, Smores, donuts or no sweets at all … maybe a cheese tower or acheese and charcuterie tower … you do you, plan ahead. I am always happy to help finding vendors if you have something specific in mind, but again plan plan plan … the earlier, the better, especially if looking for something that is customized to your adventure. 


18) Music: Start working on that playlist early (you can really make it fun with your partner, and make a goal of picking a favorite song every time you are in the car together listening to the radio aka Pandora or Spotify) make sure you have at least 2 speakers in case battery dies or something malfunctions and pick your ultimate favorite for your first dance as soulmates .​


19) Packing list specific to weather and conditions, including extra layers, first aid kid, rain poncho (Full list attached in email) 

Ok all done for now … It might seem long, but I a wedding list is 10 times the amount (if not more) so YAY for eloping!! 

xoxo, Sara
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